You only get advantages!

Unique learners – you are the only learner, which means that you will reach your language objectives faster and the online teacher will be 100% focused on you.

Save time – the time lost on the way to another supplier or tutor will become your free time.

Give up tutoring – you avoid going into a stranger’s house or having a stranger come over at your place. Plus, you have the certainty that the online teachers are specialized and ready all the time to work with adults (different methods and instruments than the ones used for children).

You can learn from anywhere – if you decide to move to another city or in another country, your lessons will continue with the same teacher.

24/7 Help – if your objectives and your needs change during the course, the online teacher will adapt and continue to help you.

Intensive “emergency” training – if you need to get ready for an interview, a meeting or a discussion with the partners, then you can take several courses (or even an entire day) to reach your goal.

Well organized plan – you are tested since the beginning to determine the level you are on and then work with a specialist in learning foreign languages to have your own language development plan.

Exchanging experience – you get periodic opportunities to practice what you have learned in several workshops (in English) in which other persons will also take part.

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