Online English Courses

Online English Courses
Training programm
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Online general English courses

A general English course focuses on the English you need to know to handle daily communication situations. The schedule contains English lessons that help you at the workplace, studies, and travels or in simple conversations with friends and family. No matter if you are looking for an online English beginner course or you just want to improve your advanced language knowledge, the online English teachers will help you reach your objectives.

The course is made of two modules with a program that is easily adaptable to your needs and objectives made in conformity to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Specialized English courses
You can go through the specialized English language course (healthcare, engineering, IT & software etc.) if you have at least an A2/B1 level of English knowledge. This course has the purpose of helping you communicate effectively at the workplace, with the business partners, in meetings (face-to-face, video conference etc.) and in business trips.

This online English course is split into two modules and the program is conceived to cover most of the situations which you confront at the workplace. The general business schedule changes according to the language development plan which is set with you.

English language courses for exams
Whether we are talking about passing a national exam (high school or baccalaureate admission) or an international exam (CAE, IELTS etc.), the online English courses offered in this purpose are well documented and always up to date.

The program of the exam is followed closely and the courses adapt to the requests that come from both the learners as well as from the exam organizers.

You still aren’t sure that these online English courses are the most suitable for you? Register for a 45 minutes completely free demo lesson without any obligations! Plus, after the demo lesson, the online English teacher will create a personalized language development plan, according to your needs. Learn the English language online!


Language development plan

  • English for IELTS  The Online English courses for IELTS are designed for the people who want to study abroad (and the universities require you to pass this exam and add the results to the file) or for Romanians who want to work abroad (especially in UK, Australia etc.). You aren’t sure about your current level? Ask more about testing or read more here.

  • Monthly workshops
    Monthly conversation sessions where up to 5 persons participate intend to bring different people together with their own experiences and feelings but with a common objective: to improve their English knowledge and conversation. Find out what topics we have prepared for you in the future.

  • Individual work
    For a fast and correct language development it is important to dedicate at least 15 minutes each day for individual study. The daily practice of writing, paying attention to the way in which we write certain emails or which is the English language word order will help us learn English faster and in a correct manner. Click to discover the resources we have prepared for you.

    All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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Worldwide courses

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“You can learn a new language in different ways and you will see results in a short period.”

Ciprian C. (engineer, Romania)

“As a HR Manager (within of 13 companies which mean over 2,000 employees) I recommend Online Teacher as the ideal method of learning and developing the communication abilities for a foreign language.”

Camelia L. (HR manager)

“Per quanto riguarda la componente umana e di gestione del rapporto mi sono trovato sempre a mio agio, l’insegnante ha sempre cercato di mettersi a disposizione per la programmazione delle lezioni. Ho sempre trovato comprensione e disponibilita.”

Francesco Corioni (Italian company administrator)

Choose the online English course that suits you

General courses
Daily life situations in which the knowledge you gain at the online English courses will prove priceless.


Business English courses
Workplace situations in which business English knowledge will prove useful


English for exams
No matter if we’re talking about Cambridge, IELTS or TOEFL, make sure you are truly ready!