Online German Courses

Online German Courses
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About the online German language course

The high number of multinational German companies who opened subsidiaries or headquarters in Romania lake the knowledge of the German language a necessity.

The German language courses are designed to suit your own needs and objectives and they cover both the general German language as well as the specialized one. Persons from the IT field and from the auto industry are in general the ones who need to follow such a course, but those from the management field also show a particular interest in knowing this language.

One of our learners says about the online German course that “It suits my own personal/work schedule. I don’t have to struggle to get to a teacher’s house and the trainers focus on the things I am interested in and want to learn more about.” (Cătălin S., engineer, Romania)

Online German course for exams

Whether you need to pass a national or international exam, the German language courses offered for this purpose are well documented and always up to date.

The exam requirements are followed closely and the courses adapt to the requests coming from both the learners and from the exam organizers.

You aren’t convinced that such an intensive German course would be the most suitable for you? We invite you to take an individual 45 minute demo lesson completely free and without obligations! This way, you can meet the teacher who will present the courses and receive a personalized language development plan specially created for your needs. Register now!


Language development plan

  • Online French courses  Knowing the French language opens a door toward a workplace abroad. Engineers, nurses or workers in the food industry are very sought after both in France as well as in Belgium or Austria and French is a basic requirement..

  • English language workshops  No matter the country where you are living or your position in the company, the English language is essential and if you don’t practice it you will notice that it is more and more difficult to talk fluently. Thus, we propose several online workshops in the English language through which you have the opportunity to interact with new people and you can practice the knowledge of the English language that you already have.

  • Online Spanish courses  Include in your language development plan the attendance to online Spanish courses as well. Spanish is the second international circulation language which being simple and similar to the Romanian language is easy and quick to learn.

    All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

    A1  A2  B1  B2  C1  C2

Worldwide courses

Romania Phone: 0040-748.827.138

“You can learn a new language in different ways and you will see results in a short period.”

Ciprian C. (engineer, Romania)

“As a HR Manager (within of 13 companies which mean over 2,000 employees) I recommend Online Teacher as the ideal method of learning and developing the communication abilities for a foreign language.”

Camelia L. (HR manager)

“Per quanto riguarda la componente umana e di gestione del rapporto mi sono trovato sempre a mio agio, l’insegnante ha sempre cercato di mettersi a disposizione per la programmazione delle lezioni. Ho sempre trovato comprensione e disponibilita.”

Francesco Corioni (Italian company administrator)

Choose the online German course that suits you

General courses
With the help of the German language course you will trust your knowledge more in any situation of the daily life.
Business courses
No matter if you are an engineer or work in IT, the specialized online German courses will prepare you to face all of the workplace situations.

Getting ready for national and international exams (DSH, DaF).

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