Online Spanish Courses

Online Spanish Courses
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Learn Spanish online

The Spanish language became one of the most important languages in the last years due to the business field but also for casual communication. On one side many Spanish companies opened headquarters in Romania and, on the other side; many Romanians immigrated to Spain for a better paid job.

Although the Spanish language is similar to the Romanian language and many Romanians learn it from the TV, it is important to know that improving your knowledge through an online Spanish course is necessary if you want to communicate correctly and at a high level in the Spanish language.

During the Spanish courses you learn the differences between European Spanish and South-American Spanish, you find out about the grammar aspects and talk about various topics (concerning daily life or the business environment).

Learning the Spanish language is made with a general program that is adapted according to your needs and objectives so that spending time together with the online Spanish teacher will bring real and visible benefits.
Although the online foreign language course represents a new concept in Romania, in the Western countries this teaching method has been practiced for a long time. See for yourself that this online Spanish course is the most suited one for you through a free demo lesson. After the free lesson, the teacher will create a personalized language development plan for you to reach your objectives as soon as possible. Start learning Spanish online today!


Language development plan

  • English for IELTS 
    Before starting the English for IELTS course, the learner is tested to check his/her level, he takes part in a free first session and then, together with the trainer they create the work plan to reach the goal of successfully passing the IELTS exam.

  • Workshops in English 
    Aside from the online Spanish courses we recommend that you refresh your knowledge of the English language as well by taking part in the monthly workshops organized by Online Teacher. Through the interaction with new people from different professions and with different knowledge you will have the opportunity to practice the English language skills that you already have.

  • Online German course 
    The inclusion of an online beginner German language course in your language development plan can prove to be a smart choice from a professional point of view and not only. Aside from the numerous German multinational companies that opened subsidiaries or headquarters in Romania and are employing German speaking personnel, wherever you might be in Europe, the German language is useful on a professional plan due to the economic influence which Germany has.

    All our lessons and our curriculum follow the international standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

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“You can learn a new language in different ways and you will see results in a short period.”

Ciprian C. (engineer, Romania)

“As a HR Manager (within of 13 companies which mean over 2,000 employees) I recommend Online Teacher as the ideal method of learning and developing the communication abilities for a foreign language.”

Camelia L. (HR manager)

“Per quanto riguarda la componente umana e di gestione del rapporto mi sono trovato sempre a mio agio, l’insegnante ha sempre cercato di mettersi a disposizione per la programmazione delle lezioni. Ho sempre trovato comprensione e disponibilita.”

Francesco Corioni (Italian company administrator)

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Learn how to deal with daily life situations.
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Work place situations in which you need to know Spanish won’t be a problem anymore.
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